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Are Aga Cookers Worth the Money?

There is no doubt that Aga cookers have a desirability that no conventional oven could ever achieve. Their cooking potential, as well as their other features and benefits offer an experience that, for some, make them worth the investment. In this article, we go into more detail about the features and benefits of Aga cookers in order to help you decide whether or not they are worth the investment for you.

So, are Aga cookers worth the money? Aga cookers are 100% worth the money for those that utilise them to their fullest potential. Agas create a cooking environment like no other, and also offer a whole host of other benefits that you could never achieve with a conventional oven and stove.

Read on to learn more about Aga cookers, and whether or not they are worth the money.

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Are Aga Cookers Worth It?

The question of whether or not an Aga cooker is worth the money depends on what you want to get out of it. If you fully embrace an Aga cooker, utilsing all of its functions and benefits, it can very much be worth the money. At the heart of it, if you’re a bit of a foodie, or appreciate the classics, you won’t regret purchasing an Aga cooker.

To help you understand the worth of an Aga a little better, we’ve listed some of their most loved benefits:

What are the Benefits of an Aga Cooker?

Aga cookers have 1001 functions and benefits which make them more than worth the cost, here are just a few:

Always-On Convenience

Many Aga models are made to be turned on all the time. As such, owners benefit from their ovens being pre-heated and ready to use at the drop of a hat. What’s more, the temperature is also likely to remain more consistent than a conventional oven as it’s had time to settle. This is a particular benefit for cakes and other baked goods that require a specific, consistent temperature.

Learn more about why Aga cookers are always turned on in our recent blog

Additional Heat Source

As some Aga models are always on, this provides an additional heat source for the home, particularly in the kitchen, or in open plan spaces. Make use of this additional heating for drying clothing, entertaining, or just keeping warm and cosy on cold days.

Longevity & Reliability

Made from cast iron, Agas are some of the most reliable and long-lasting cookers available on the market, and can last for decades when properly looked after and maintained. 


Aga cookers have a number of different ovens and hotplates, each with a specific function; baking, roasting, slow cooking, boiling, and simmering. However, that’s not to say that the various ovens and hot plates can only be used for these purposes. 

For example, you can easily make toast on your hotplates, and you can even turn them into makeshift tandoori ovens to make flatbreads

Larger Cooking Spaces

The ovens and hotplates on an Aga cooker tend to be more spacious than on a conventional cooker, perfect for large families and when entertaining, as you’ll be able to cook much more in one batch.

Superior Cooking

What really makes an Aga special is how it works. Aga cookers use radiant heat, which cooks your food in a way that locks in flavour, moisture, and texture.

Cost Vs. Benefits

Brand new Aga cookers can come with a hefty price tag, usually between £5,695 - £11,595. However, Aga’s can replace the need for a multitude of other kitchen appliances, reduce the need for heating, and can offer a world of culinary experiences that a regular oven cannot provide. As such, if you’re a food lover, we can almost guarantee that Aga cookers are worth the cost. 

Is Aga Cooking Better?

We’ve already touched on the radiant heat that Aga cookers produce, but this is a key feature of an Aga that really sets them apart from conventional cookers, and makes them worth the cost. 

Within the ovens of an Aga cooker, heat literally radiates off the cast iron surfaces, steadily creating an environment that is more gentle than the strong, direct heat of conventional ovens. Radiant heat allows you to cook food for hours without it:

  • Drying out
  • Losing flavour
  • Losing texture

What Can You Cook in an Aga Cooker?

Whatever you can cook in a regular oven, you can cook in an Aga. But, with an Aga, you have 1001 other options that just aren’t the same in a conventional oven, or by way of an additional appliance. 

Why not try making waffles on the floor of the roasting oven? Or, whip up your favourite toastie, panini, or wrap directly on the hotplate? You can even make pittas, naans, and other flatbreads on the hotplates with the lid down, creating a tandoori environment. Your possibilities are endless, without the need for tens of different appliances taking up space in your kitchen.

Does an Aga Cooker Add Value to a House?

Whether or not an Aga cooker adds value to a house depends on if you intend to leave it when you sell. Agas are commonly marketed as an advantageous feature of a property, and have been known to increase a property’s worth by around £10,000, depending on the model installed. What’s more, 40% of respondents in a recent survey said that they thought an Aga cooker makes a property more desirable.

In both cases, it is clear that Aga cookers are worth the money, especially if you’re willing to (eventually) sell your property with your Aga included. 

Reconditioned Aga Cookers at Range Exchange

Whilst we wholeheartedly believe that Aga cookers are worth the money, we understand that they come with a steep price tag. But, at Range Exchange, we offer showroom-standard reconditioned Aga cookers that won’t put as large a dent in your wallet. 

Take a look at our models online today, or get in touch with us for more information.