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Why are Aga Ovens on All the Time?

Traditional Aga cookers are well known for being turned on all the time, but do you know why? What are the benefits of this? In this article, we discuss why many Aga owners keep their Aga cookers on all the time, if and when you should turn them off, and how much Aga cookers cost to run. 

So, why are Aga ovens on all the time? Many Aga cookers are designed to be kept on all the time, and offer benefits such as a constantly pre-heated oven, an additional source of heating, and an efficient way of drying laundry in the colder months. However, many modern Agas can be turned on and off at will, or be controlled more efficiently. 

Read on to learn more about why Aga cookers are always turned on, and how this affects your energy bills.


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Are Aga Ovens Always On?

Most Aga ovens are switched on all the time, meaning that they’re always ready to use, and don’t need to be pre-heated. However, some models have timers and other controls which can turn down the heat, or completely switch off the oven at your preferred times. 

Benefits of Keeping an Aga Oven Turned On

The fact that Aga ovens typically stay on all the time offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Quicker meals as the oven is already pre-heated and ready to go when the family gets hungry
  • The cooler, bottom ovens can act as a slow cooker
  • Keep food warm until later
  • Radiant heat doesn’t dry out food like regular ovens
  • Keep the house warm & save on central heating
  • Dry off laundry

Can You Turn an Aga Oven Off?

Aga ovens can be turned off for both long and short periods of time, depending on your requirements. 

For Short Periods

To turn your Aga off for a few hours, simply turn the thermostat clockwise to the Stop (PILOT) position. This will extinguish the main burner, but leave the pilot light on to maintain some heat. This is ideal for overnight. 

For Longer Periods

To turn off your Aga for longer periods of time, such as for serving, cleaning, or if you will be away from home, turn the thermostat to the Stop (PILOT) position, press down slightly, and continue turning the dial to the OFF position. 

How to Turn Off Electric Aga Ovens

To turn off an electric Aga oven, the method will depend on the specific model, but it tends to be much easier, as eclectic Aga’s are not always on like gas models. Use the control panel to turn the different parts of the oven on and off as desired. With some models, you can also use a remote control, and even a mobile phone to control the eclectic Aga ovens.

Should I Turn My Aga Oven Off in Summer?

Summer is the perfect time to turn off your Aga oven for longer periods of time for essential cleaning and maintenance. You might also find that, during the warmer months, you don’t want or need the additional heat that an always-on Aga provides. 

Not everyone turns off their Aga ovens over summer, but there are a few benefits to doing so:

  • Save money on your fuel bill
  • Excellent opportunity to give your Aga a deep clean
  • Good opportunity to carry out any servicing, maintenance, or repairs
  • Cold Aga ovens can provide additional storage space over summer

However, if you do choose to turn off your Aga oven for the summer, you should first consider an alternative mode of cooking, as it can be inefficient to keep turning it on and off, and you might find that you miss your multi-purpose cooker for such purposes as tea and toast. 

How Does an Aga Oven Work?

An Aga cooker has a number of different ovens, each with its own purpose, although the number of ovens will differ between modes.

  • Warming Oven: 65°C to 93°C 
  • Simmering Oven: 107°C to 135°C 
  • Baking Oven: 176°C to 204°C
  • Roasting Oven: 246°C to 260°C 

The ovens work with a thermostat control which monitors the temperature inside the various ovens, and only uses fuel as the temperature inside the oven drops (to maintain the temperature). This heat is also transferred to the hotplates. 

How Much Does an Aga Oven Cost to Run?

The cost of running your Aga oven largely depends on the model you have - some are designed to be kept on all the time and cost a lot to run, whilst others are designed to be turned on and off at will and are more energy efficient. 

What’s more, newer models tend to be more efficient than older models, with faster heat-up times, the ability to use individual (rather than all) ovens and hotplates, and adjustable temperatures. 

Here are a few examples of Aga running costs:



*Estimated Cost Per Week

Aga R3

Baking and simmering on economy mode


Aga ER3

Both ovens on


Aga ER7

Three ovens on economy mode


Three ovens on regular mode


Aga R7

Three ovens on economy mode


Three ovens on regular mode


*Please note that these estimates were tested by Aga in March 2020.

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