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What’s Special About an Aga Cooker?

Aga cookers are notorious for their cast iron cooking, classic design and  for emitting radiant heat into the room, but is there more to them than this? They have been the heart of the home in many kitchens for almost 100 years, but what  makes them so special and why are they a staple in many homes? In this article, we detail some of the key benefits of Aga cookers to help you decide if an Aga cooker is right for you.

So, what’s so special about an Aga cooker? There are a range of features and benefits that make Aga cookers so  unique  including their great versatility, convenience, the additional warmth they provide, their culinary magic with cast iron cooking, and their classic aesthetic. 

Read on to learn more about what makes an Aga cooker so special, and if they’re worth the investment . 

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What Makes an Aga Cooker Special?

For  those who are unfamiliar with the cooker, it may seem somewhat  complicated and hard to learn how to use. On top of this, the fact that many Aga cookers are always on can be somewhat off-putting if you aren’t aware of the benefits


One of the key things that makes an Aga cooker special is its cast iron ovens which produce food like no other - not only this but it offers versatility. Depending on the model, Aga owners have the ability to roast, bake, slow cook, boil, simmer, all at the same time. There are even accounts of the hotplates and domes being used as a kind of makeshift tandoori. The possibilities really are endless! 

Culinary Magic

What makes an Aga cooker truly unique is the cast iron cooking which emits a gentle, indirect radiant heat around the  ovens. This radiant heat is kind to your food,  locking in moisture, goodness, and flavour, whilst also maintaining its nutrients and texture. It’s a much more gentle cooking process than with the direct heat of a conventional oven.

Warmth & Convenience

Traditional Aga models offer cosy warmth and convenience with their always-on feature. Keep warm, dry clothing, and provide a cosy atmosphere for your family and friends, and revel in the convenience of never having to wait for your cooker to pre-heat.


Made from sturdy and durable cast iron, an Aga cooker will last a lifetime if properly cared for, unlike conventional ovens which get periodically replaced for various reasons, such as disfunction, breakages, or even just style - the Aga cooker is timeless

Classic Aesthetics

There’s no doubt that an Aga cooker is the epitome of the classic, country house aesthetic that so many covet in their modern homes. From a classic British racing green and aubergine, to pistachio and duck egg blue, an Aga cooker offers a timeless look, in a colour to match your style. However, don’t be sceptical if you have more of a modern taste as these Aga cookers compliment pretty much any kitchen design.  

How are Aga Cookers Different from Regular Cookers?

The way that Aga cookers differ from conventional cookers starts with how they work, and what they’re made from. Traditional oil, gas and 13 Amp Aga models generate their heat from a single burner that is controlled by a thermostat. This regulates fuel distribution to the ovens and hotplates, maintaining a specific temperature. Meanwhile, the newer Total Control model comes with the ability to control which area of the oven you wish to heat, and that the various areas are heated by elements embedded within, rather than from a single burner. Dual Control models work similarly, except that their heat comes from a single source, like traditional models yet still allow flexibility with the hotplates.

Aga cookers are made from cast iron that enables good heat absorption, storage, and distribution in the form of radiant heat. The cast iron heats up to a specific temperature and radiates that heat throughout the various ovens and hotplates evenly giving Aga cookers the ability to cook food perfectly, keeping it warm for hours without drying it out.

Pros of Aga Cookers

There are wide range of benefits associated with Aga cookers, including:

  • Convenience: Since many Aga models are designed to always be on, you’ll never need to wait for your cooker to heat up. 
  • Better food: The radiant heat of Aga cookers ensures that your food remains moist and flavourful whilst also retaining goodness and texture.
  • Warmth & drying capabilities: Since many Aga cookers are always on, they provide additional warmth for the colder months without the need for other heating sources, and offer a way to dry clothing.
  • Atmosphere and ambiance: The warmth that an Aga cooker gives off provides a cosy atmosphere for both everyday dining and social events.

Is an Aga Cooker Worth it?

In our opinion, an Aga cooker  is 100% worth it if you appreciate good food, are a budding chef, and are willing to spend the time it takes to learn how an Aga works. It can take time and a little experimentation to really learn how to make the most of an Aga, but once you know what you’re doing, the possibilities are endless. You’ll be left wondering how you ever managed with a regular oven.

Reconditioned Aga Cookers at Range Exchange

If, after learning more about Aga cookers, and what makes them special, you’re interested in owning your own, Range Exchange offers a variety of highly reconditioned Aga cookers, restored to their original showroom condition. 

Choose between a wide range of reconditioned Traditional Aga Models, such as Gas Aga Cookers, Oil Aga Cookers and 13 Amp’s as well as  New Gen Aga models, like the Total Control and Dual Control Aga cookers in a variety of colours to suit all styles.

We also offer a new generation retrofit electric Aga cooker, namely the e-Control which provides the same benefits of the traditional, Total & Dual Control Aga cookers. This product can either be provided with a fully reconditioned Aga cooker or can be retrofitted to your existing Aga cooker. Find out more here.

Take a look at our range of reconditioned Aga cookers online today, or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your specific requirements.