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Can I Use My Aga as a Slow Cooker?

Aga cookers are known for their versatility, but can they make the perfect slow cooked meal? In this article, we dive into the comforting world of slow cooking, and how to get the best results using your Aga cooker. We’ll also look at some classic Aga slow cooker recipes to help get you started on your journey. 

So, can I use my Aga as a slow cooker? Aga cookers can easily be used as slow cookers by using the simmering oven for low, slow cooks. Any classic slow cooker recipe, such as casseroles, curries, and stews can easily be converted for use in an Aga with minimal changes but maximum results. 

Read on to learn more about slow cooking in an Aga cooker. 

Can an Aga Cooker Be Used as a Slow Cooker?

The versatility of an Aga cooker means that it can cook a wide range of foods exceptionally well, using a variety of cooking methods, from roasting and baking, to simmering and slow cooking. In fact, some even consider slow cooking to be the Aga’s greatest feature. 

The gentle, radiant heat produced by an Aga cooker creates an ideal environment for slow cooking, with an even, consistent temperature and limited moisture loss. Many find that the temperature of the simmering oven is equivalent to low settings on conventional electric slow cookers, making it perfect for stews, casseroles. soups, meat, potatoes, and everything in between. 

With this in mind, you’ll find that most slow cooker recipes can easily be converted for use in an Aga. Although, as Mary Berry explains, it can take a little while to get used to how slow cooking works in an Aga.

How Do I Use an Aga as a Slow Cooker?

In a recent article with Country Life, Mary Berry discusses her love for the Aga cooker, and how it is the perfect piece of equipment for slow cooked meals. However, she explains that if you’re more used to conventional ovens and modern electric slow cookers, it can take a bit of getting used to to achieve a perfect slow cooked meal. But, once you’re there, it couldn't be easier to create delicious, one-pot, slow cooked family favourites.

The first thing you need to know is that you’ll need to begin cooking your food in a warmer oven for a short period of time, or bring it to the boil on the hotplates to get it started, before moving it to the simmering oven for a low, slow cook. From here, treat it like any slow cooker recipe you know and love, but give yourself more time than you need to ensure that everything is cooked to your liking before serving. Afterall, an extra 30 minutes or so won’t harm a slow cooked meal.

Which Oven Should I Use for Slow Cooking?

The simmering oven creates an environment similar to a conventional electric slow cooker with an equivalent temperature. All Aga models contain a simmering oven, typically located on the bottom right hand side of the cooker. 

Use the roasting oven at the top right of the cooker or the hotplates on top to get your slow cooked meal started, before moving it to the simmering oven for the remaining cooking time.

2 Oven Aga with Simmering Oven (bottom right) and Roasting Oven (top right)

Aga Slow Cooker Recipes

All you need to create delicious slow cooked meals in an Aga is a suitable casserole pot, your ingredients and, maybe a pot liner if you don’t love washing up! Below you’ll find a range of classic slow cooker recipes that can be easily made in the Aga simmering oven, from casseroles to currys, and even everyday favourites like bolognese (batch cook it and reheat it for mid-week meals!).

What Else Can You Do With an Aga Cooker?

The beauty of an Aga cooker is that they negate the need for the 101 kitchen appliances that you’ve no doubt accumulated over the years. It can take a little time to really get to know an Aga, but once you’re confident with the various ovens and hotplates, you can get rid of your slow cooker, toaster, toastie maker, kettle, bread maker, and more.

An Aga can also do what all other conventional ovens do (even if your model doesn’t have the specific oven -  there’s always get-arounds!). For example, an Aga works amazingly well for baked goods, from cakes, brownies, and biscuits, through to savoury goods like bread and pastry. In fact, you can even use the inside of the hotplate domes to cook flatbreads. Learn more about baking in an Aga cooker in our recent blog

With a bit of research and experimentation, your options are endless with an Aga cooker. 

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