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Reconditioned 2 oven oil Aga cooker in Pearl Ashes
Reconditioned 2 oven oil Aga cooker in Pearl Ashes
Reconditioned 2 oven oil Aga cooker in Pearl Ashes
Reconditioned 2 oven oil Aga cooker in Pearl Ashes
Reconditioned 2 oven oil Aga cooker in Pearl Ashes
Reconditioned 2 oven oil Aga cooker in Pearl Ashes
Reconditioned 2 oven oil Aga cooker in Pearl Ashes
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Reconditioned 2 oven oil Aga cooker in Pearl Ashes

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This very young Aga cooker is in immaculate condition and has been meticulously reconditioned with high quality parts & vitreous enamel bringing it back to showroom condition.

Priced at £4495 including Nationwide delivery by our own friendly team & 12 month Guarantee.

Complete with the new type stainless steel door catches, spring loaded lids, space age insulation and latest burner, all helping to provide efficiency and ease of use. The cooker has smart, black side panels, keeping in line with the latest Aga cooker design.

Both flue options available;

Conventional flue for a chimney or similar

Back flue for an outside wall

This Aga cooker is easy-to-use, it provides radiant warmth keeping the kitchen cosy. The two cast-iron ovens cook using a gentle radiant heat, large twin cast-iron hotplates allow you to boil and simmer. At 100cm wide and freestanding, it provides that much love gentle warmth in the kitchen.

Ready made plinths available £175 (various sizes available to suit your worktop height). Nationwide fitting service available from £600.

As always, we maintain our promise to deliver the highest quality product and offer great value for money. If you are not completely satisfied upon delivery, you are under no obligation to purchase the cooker. Deposits are not required and payment is made upon delivery.


Part-Exchange Available

4.9/5 Customer Reviews

12 Month Guarantee

Free Delivery to Mainland UK

Payment only on delivery*

We are immensely proud to have been awarded BRITAIN’S MARK OF EXCELLENCE Since 1995, we have been providing our customers with excellent value and quality products, as well as fantastic customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We mostly buy our stock from house sales where the new owners want to change the kitchen and swap the Aga cooker for a more conventional oven. Invariably the previous owners have recently renovated the house for sale and installed a brand new Aga cooker which then needs a new home!

We can tell you exactly where each cooker has come from, it's history and age.

Yes, our cookers leave our workshop as the same whole cooker they were when they came into stock with us.

All of our cookers are finished with deep gloss, vitreous enamel and we utilise a specialist enamelling plant in the Midlands. The vitreous enamel used is actually a type of coloured glass and is also used on new Aga cookers – it’s durable, long-lasting and also easy to clean. Each cooker is hand-finished giving the enamel a unique character, this process also ensures the longevity of your Aga cooker.

No, we try to keep things simple whilst being as accommodating as possible. If we do not have a particular colour in stock, we will have a cooker newly enamelled for you free of charge.

There is a huge selection of enamel colours available, not all of which are shown on our website – if you do not see the colour you would like, please do give us a call.

Our gas, oil and original 13Amp electric models have never been changed or modified from another fuel type.

However, we do also offer a lower cost 13Amp electric ‘upgrade’ which has been upgraded from gas. Although, unlike most crude conversions on the market, this model uses the latest specification 13Amp element and is thermostatically controlled making it reliable and cost effective.

Each of our Aga cookers are meticulously reconditioned with new parts and enamelling throughout to bring them back to showroom condition. All consumable parts such as thermostats and power flue fans are replaced with brand new components. Any cast-iron parts such as ovens and hot plates are shot-blasted before delivery to ensure they are clean and fresh. Finally, the cooker is fitted with all-new chrome lids, lid liners, door backs, rope and ceramic seals. Oil fired models are also fitted with new oil controls and fire valves.

All consumable and integral parts are replaced with genuine AGA parts however, there are some superficial parts which are exclusive to AGA, such as the chrome lids and door backs – where this is the case we have our own high quality parts made by a specialist manufacturer.

By purchasing a reconditioned Aga cooker from us you are investing in a recycled product. There are component parts that are replaced, however the bulk of the cooker, i.e. all of the cast iron is retained and given a new lease of life to provide you with years of reliable service. Unlike conventional ovens and hobs which tend to wear out and need replacing after a few years, you can be assured that by purchasing a reconditioned Aga cooker you are investing in a product which is not only recycled and has been saved from landfill but a product whose lifespan is determined by decades not years. This ultimately avoids the repetitive cycle of purchase, replacement and disposal, typical of conventional ovens and hobs.

No, non of our Aga cookers contain asbestos – this was common in the very early models of Aga cookers but as we supply only very young cookers, this is not a concern. The thermal insulation used inside the cooker is called vermiculite, this is a special mineral which has been selected for use in Aga cookers for its heat-resistant properties. There is also a top blanket which sits just under the cooker’s top plate, this is either rock wool or ceramic wool.

Every cooker is supplied with a metal rack for each oven and also a cold shelf for use in the roasting oven. Additional cold shelves will be supplied with 3/4 oven cookers.

  • All our prices include FREE delivery to mainland UK.

  • There is NO additional charge for AIMS on electric models or different colour choices.

  • Our prices include VAT and your 12 month guarantee.

  • We recommend that you budget approximately £600 for installation by an Aga trained engineer – we will put you in direct contact with your local independent fitter.

  • Newly manufactured plinths, back boilers and WIFI timers can be supplied at an additional cost if required.

Yes, we can supply the cooker with a ready-made plinth for an additional cost of £175 for a 2 or 3 oven Aga cooker, or £200 for a 4 or for cookers with modules.

The plinth is a pre-fabricated steel platform in a powdered black finish. It is used to bring the cooker up to work top height and away from any combustible flooring e.g wooden floor/laminate.

Not a lot, other than price! We are able to sell our reconditioned cookers for a fraction of the price of a brand new one. We appreciate quality craftsmanship and workmanship and to that end we endeavour to maintain the cookers' original integrity as much as we can, whilst offering a reconditioned product that is aesthetically pleasing and will provide decades of reliable service.

No we don't, but this can be bought from your local AGA shop or via their online cookware store.

Not necessarily. The cookware available from AGA may be more substantial and is designed to fit on the runners in the ovens/stack neatly but most roasting dishes and flat bottomed pans work just as well.

Of course! We are here to offer you practical help and advice on using your Aga cooker and getting the most from it. We have been cooking with Aga cookers as long as we can remember so we are prepared for any questions you might have – no matter how small. Believe us, it's easy once you've learnt the ropes!

Our friendly, helpful team deliver our cookers nationwide, free of charge. We can also deliver overseas upon special request, at an additional cost.

The price of our cookers includes FREE delivery to mainland UK however, we ask for a contribution towards the shipping to Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scottish Isles & overseas*.

*Please speak to a member of our team to find out more about oversea delivery options.

With the exception of control series models which are pre-assembled, an Aga cooker is delivered ‘flat-packed’ in its component parts. Our own helpful team will carefully hand deliver each piece of the cooker into your kitchen and stack them safely, ready to be assembled on site by an installation engineer.

Our lead time is generally around 3 weeks, however, this may change slightly due to busy periods and sometimes we may need to source a particular cooker for you.

There is no deposit payable, however you will need to ensure that the cooker is paid for in full on delivery with cleared funds, once you have inspected the cooker and are happy with the product. If not completely satisfied on delivery you are under no obligation to purchase the cooker – we ‘bring the showroom to you'.

Payment is made in full on delivery. We can accept payment by bankers draft, building society cheque, cash, credit/debit cards or via an internet banking transfer which can be made when our delivery driver leaves the cooker with you. Unfortunately we cannot accept personal cheques. or American Express.

We do offer part-exchange valuations on existing Aga cookers dependent on their age and condition. Please contact us for more information.

Please refer to the ‘Which model is right for me?’ page on our website for more information about the Aga cooker to suit your needs. We are also here to answer any questions before, during and after buying your Aga cooker so we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. All queries are welcome!

When you place an order with us, we will put you in direct contact with your local independent, Aga trained engineer to liaise re fitting. These engineers are gas safe and OFTEC registered and are highly skilled in hand building and calibrating the cookers to work efficiently and safely. The other benefit of using someone local is that you will also have an expert engineer on hand to carry out any guarantee work and annual servicing.

Assuming your site is already prepared, we recommend that you budget approximately £600 to have you cooker installed by an independent Aga trained engineer.

We suggest that you have your Aga cooker fitted before your kitchen is installed to ensure the cooker is closely integrated with the kitchen units. However, your cooker can be installed after your kitchen is fitted if you wish, you will just need to make sure you allow for the necessary clearances either side of the cooker.

Please call us to discuss the necessary site preparations needed for your Aga cooker. We can also put you in contact with local flue and chimney specialists if required.

The traditional cast iron models weigh from 406kg to 584kg dependent on the number of ovens and integrated modules will add to this weight. It is important to ensure your kitchen floor has sufficient load-bearing ability to support an Aga cooker. Please contact us to discuss this further.

An Aga cooker is designed to protrude out from normal kitchen cabinet depth, so opening the oven door full should not be a problem. However, where cookers are fitted against side walls which protrude beyond the front of the cooker, a 116mm clearance is required at the right-hand side for oven doors access on 2 oven models (or on both sides for 3 and 4 oven models).

Yes, you can avoid having a flue or other pipework plumbed externally if the site requirements are not suitable – this can be achieved with either an internally vented 13Amp electric Aga cooker or with Dual/Total control models.

We offer a 12 month, no quibble guarantee on all our cookers, this covers all parts and labour. It is a guarantee and not a warranty – there is no ‘red tape’ – if the cooker is faulty, we will put it right free of charge.

As all of our Aga cookers are the latest specification, with the latest burners etc. in the unlikely event that any replacement parts are needed after the guarantee period ends, these are widely accessible and easily fitted by your local independent Aga engineer. We will put you in contact with your local engineer when placing your order, they will install the cooker for you and will become a point of contact for any guarantee work that may need to be carried out, as well as ongoing care in the future.

And remember – we are always here for help and advice if you need it!

A two oven oil fired Aga cooker consumes approx. 40 litres of oil per week.

*Prices will be dependent upon your energy supplier's cost per unit.

A 2 oven gas fired Aga cooker consumes approx. 340 kW per week.

*Prices will be dependent upon your energy supplier's cost per unit.

A 2 oven electric Aga cooker consumes approx. 200 kW per week.

*Prices will be dependent upon your energy supplier's cost per unit.

A traditional cast iron Aga cooker gives off as much ambient heat as a standard wet-system radiator. This additional heat will give your kitchen a warm, cosy feel.

Although an Aga cooker (with the exception of control series models) is designed to run continuously, it can in fact help to reduce your energy costs in the home. This is due to the fact that it can also be used as your toaster, to boil your kettle, to dry your clothes and much more! Most users of Aga cookers also find that because of the ambient heat given out into the kitchen, they rely less on their central heating.

We can supply you with a programmable WIFI timer for your electric Aga cooker at an additional cost of £100

A WIFI timer gives you the flexibility to control your Aga cooker from an App on your mobile telephone whilst you are away from home.

Please advise us when placing your order if you require this additional item.

Gas fired Aga cookers require servicing approximately every 12 months with continuous use.

Oil fired cookers will usually require more frequent servicing, approximately every 6-8 months.

All servicing requirements can be carried out by your local independent Aga engineer who installed your cooker or, you can always contact us for details of an alternative engineer in your locality.

An electric Aga cooker does not require servicing, however it is advisable to have a safety check every five years by a qualified electrician.