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Which Model Is Right For Me?

The range of reconditioned Aga cookers is now very extensive and customers are becoming increasingly aware of functionality, along with running costs as fuel prices continue to rise.

Traditionally, Aga cookers as a heat storage cooker were designed to operate 24/7, offering both cooking and ambient heating into your kitchen.

The reconditioned Aga cooker market is now able to offer a wide range of electric Aga cookers, which deliver the benefits of traditional Aga cookers, but also offer more flexibility and functionality, enabling the customer to utilise the cooker in a manner which suits their lifestyle and at the same time make savings in terms of running costs.

We offer here the information on the full range of reconditioned Aga cookers available, however it is the customers personal preference as to which model they choose and this choice will be governed by:

  • What do you require from your Aga cooker?
  • Do you wish it to operate as a traditional heat storage cooker or do you require more flexibility from the cooker in terms of its operation?
  • Where is the cooker going to be positioned in the kitchen?
  • Are you looking to make savings in terms of running costs and servicing costs?


The options detailed below are the traditional form of heat storage Aga cooker.


Natural Gas Aga Cookers

  • The options are a gas conventional, balanced or power flue model
  • Natural gas is one of the most cost-effective fuel options for a traditional heat storage Aga cooker
  • The flue type is dependent on where the cooker will be situated in your kitchen:

Conventional Flue – this flue type is ideal if you have an existing, lined chimney.

Balanced Flue – works well if you a placing the cooker against an outside wall (please note, we must be mindful of any windows in the near vicinity.)

Power Flue – this flue type offers you more flexibility as the flue pipe, which is only 2 inches in diameter, can be plumbed for up to 6 meters to reach an outside wall. This conveniently allows you to site the cooker almost anywhere in the kitchen.

  • If you have LPG, this can also be considered however, this is the most expensive gas fuel type.



Oil Fired Aga Cookers

If you have oil but no natural gas at the property, then an oil fired Aga cooker would be an option to consider. This model will require a lined chimney or flue.



Traditional Electric Aga Cookers

If you have neither gas or oil available, an electric Aga cooker would suit you best.

Electric Aga cookers can be ventilated into the room as they are clean burning. The venting on an electric model is purely to allow steam to escape from the ovens. This too, allows you greater flexibility when choosing where to position the cooker. An electric Aga cooker is also more controllable, enabling you to regulate your fuel consumption. 


The Traditional 13 Amp Aga Cooker

The traditional 13 Amp Aga cooker was released in 2004, and is cheaper to buy than the new generation of electric Aga cookers, however costs more to run. While the interior ovens and workings of the 13 Amp Aga cooker is similar to that of the traditional gas and oil fired Aga cookers, the cast iron is heated up using an electrical element rather than an oil or gas burner, making it slightly cheaper to run.


New Gen Reconditioned Electric Aga Cookers

There are now different models of new generation electric Aga cookers with varying levels of functionality and flexibility which also aim to reduce running costs, the choice of which would be determined by your lifestyle requirements, cooking preferences and the degree of flexibility you require from your Aga cooker. The new generation models of electric Aga cookers are much more versatile than the traditional Gas fired, Oil-fired or traditional electric Aga cookers. 


The new generation of electric Aga cookers available are the Total Control, Dual Control and the eControl reconditioned Aga cookers.

Below is a small summary to help guide you in your choice as to which new generation electric Aga cooker is best for you. All of which have varying levels of flexibility, which aim to reduce running costs and suit your lifestyle. 


Total Control Aga Cookers (a more simple version of the ER7)

The total control Aga cooker is available in 3 or 5 oven models and allows you to control each individual oven and hotplate separately, at a set temperature. The cooker can be left in 'slumber' or at full temperature. The hotplates are to be turned on as and when required. The ovens can also be switched off when not in use. The slumber mode reduces the oven heat up times as they are not having to heat up from stone cold. 

The heat up times are as follows: ovens 45 mins from cold, 25 mins from slumber, hotplates 10 minutes.


Dual Control Aga Cookers (a more simple version of the R7)

The dual control Aga cooker is available in 3 or 5 oven models and enables you to use the hotplates as and when needed, but the ovens work together rather than separately. The ovens are designed to be left "ON" continuously so that they are ready to cook on and offer 24/7 radiant heat into the room. All 3 or 5 ovens can be run at full temperature or in "economy mode" which reduces overall heat output and energy consumption. The ovens take approx. 8/9 hours to heat up from cold, the hotplates again take only 10 minutes.


eControl Aga Cookers

The eControl Aga cooker, available in 2 and 4 oven models.

This cooker has been upgraded with a new eControl system (this is not manufactured by Aga) The hotplates and ovens can be used independently of one another and can be temperature controlled to suit your requirements.  The ovens can be operated in off, eco or full temperature modes and a two-oven model gives you the flexibility to use the cooker with roasting and baking ovens, or roasting and simmering ovens or eco mode, giving you the flexibility of 3 different oven temperatures within a 2-oven model. Again, heat up times are reduced depending upon which mode you select, but with heat up times as little as 8 minutes for the hotplates and 30 minutes for the ovens, this cooker offers great flexibility! 

Please note, ALL the above electric Aga cookers require a 32amp power supply, which you will need to organise with your electrician prior to delivery / installation.   




Servicing requirements

You may also wish to take into consideration the servicing requirements of your cooker when choosing your preferred fuel type:

  • Gas fired Aga cookers require annual servicing.
  • Oil fired models will need servicing more frequently – every 6 months.
  • Electric Aga cookers burn cleanly and therefore do not require servicing in the same way. However, it is important to have an Aga trained engineer to check over the elements and consumable parts every few years to ensure everything is working correctly and safely.


How many ovens should you have?

  • This will come down to your own personal preference but you also need to consider the space you have available and how many people you intend to cook for.
  • There are 2, 3, 4 & 5* oven models available but we recommend measuring up before deciding on how many ovens you would like. ( *5 ovens available with Dual/Total control models only)
  • A 2/3 oven model is 987 mm in width and a 4/5 oven model is 1487 mm in width. The depth requirement is the same for all models at 698 mm (excluding handles).


Should you opt for an additional module?

  • An Aga cooker module is designed to work alongside but completely independently of your main Aga cooker. There are 2 module options available:
  • An integrated module ‘bolts-on’ to the main cooker.
  • The freestanding module can be situated anywhere in the kitchen – it can stand alone or within a run of kitchen units.
  • Both module types have 2 electric ovens, one with separate grill element, the other fan assisted. There is also the choice of either 4 ring gas hob or all-electric ceramic hob available.


Which colours are available?

  • Colour preference is entirely up to you. We have a wide range of enamel colours to choose from, you are sure to find something to suit your taste to match your colour scheme.


Not a lot of space?

If there isn't enough space in your kitchen to fit a 2 oven Aga cooker then a City 60 is the answer for you.

  • The Aga City 60 model is a compact cooker that gives you the Aga cooker experience in a smaller volume. Perfect for those with limited space at only 60 cm in width. It can be turned on and off at your disposal and does a lot more than you’d think possible. Petite but perfect.