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Which Aga Cooker Is Right For Me?

The range of reconditioned Aga cookers is now very extensive and customers are becoming increasingly aware of functionality, along with running costs as fuel prices continue to rise.



Vitreous Enamel

We can newly enamel your Aga cooker in any of the colours below

All of our Aga cookers are finished with deep gloss, hardwearing, vitreous enamel. We utilise a specialist enamelling plant in Somerset. The vitreous enamel used on Aga cookers is in-fact, a type of coloured glass which is a compound of natural minerals including glass particles and metal oxides. These materials are milled to a fine powder and mixed to create a “frit”.

The Aga cooker is shotblasted to return it to its original cast iron finish and the enamel is then applied to the cast iron in several layers, undergoing three separate firings at up to 800 degrees Celsius to achieve the high gloss finish Aga cookers are famed for.

Vitreous enamel is long lasting, durable and easy to clean. Each batch of enamel is hand mixed and finished. To this end, variations in the surface finish are usually found. This gives each cooker it’s unique character & shade. It’s characteristics like this that set Aga cookers aside from mass-produced range cookers and means that your Aga cooker is individual to you!

We have 25 delightful enamel colours to choose from; these compliment each of our customers’ individual kitchens & unique taste. Take a look at our colour page to see what we have available.