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Suitable Aga Pans for Your New Aga Cooker

If you’ve just bought your dream Aga cooker, you’re probably now wondering about all of the different pots, pans and accessories you could buy to elevate your cooking experience. But, do you need them all? In this article, we go through the various types of pans, tins, trays and more that are safe to use in an Aga cooker, and a few essentials that we think you need. 

So, what pans can be used on an Aga cooker? A variety of pots, pans and other cookware can be used with Aga cookers, but Aga themselves recommend cast-iron, cast-aluminium and stainless steel options in particular. Most types of pots and pans are safe to use, but those with induction hobs should be more careful, as with conventional ovens.

Read on to learn more about which pots and pans you can use with an Aga cooker, and whether or not you need to purchase specialist Aga pans. 

What Pans Can be Used on an Aga Cooker?

An Aga cooker is a big investment and the last thing you want after such a big purchase is to toss out all of your existing pots and pans and spend a small fortune on new ones. But, is it worth it for a range of specialist Aga pans that won’t easily damage as a result of the various heat sources on an Aga cooker?

Below we outline the various types of pans and cookware that can be used safely in an Aga cooker and any particularities you need to be aware of before using them.

Aga Pans and Other Cookware



Aga is well known for cast-iron cooking so it should come as no surprise to learn that cast-iron pots and pans are perfectly safe to use in and on any part of an Aga cooker. 


Less common than cast-iron but super versatile and sturdy, cast-aluminium pots and pans can be used on most parts of an Aga cooker, but are unsuitable for induction hobs. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pots and pans are safe to use on any part of an Aga cooker, especially if they have heavy bottoms. 

Roasting & Baking Tins

We recommend looking into Aga’s own roasting and baking tins. Not only are the materials suitable for Aga ovens, but they’re made to sit on the oven runners. 

Alternatively, ceramic, enamel, stainless steel, cast-iron, cast-aluminium, and even Pyrex dishes are suitable for use in an Aga cooker. 

Aga Kettles

One of the benefits of having an Aga cooker is that they do everything - you could even throw away your kettle and replace it with a stovetop Aga kettle! Just make sure that your chosen model is suitable for your hob type.

Aga Toaster & Other Accessories

There is an array of other Aga cooker accessories that will make cooking in your Aga a joy, particularly the Aga toaster. Not only can you get rid of another space-consuming appliance, but it makes incredible toast! 

You don’t have to purchase the Aga Cookshop version, though, any stainless steel cross-wired handled grill should work just fine.

Can You Put Pyrex Dishes in an Aga Cooker?

In a social media post, Aga explained that Pyrex dishes should be fine to use. In fact, they explained that any type of cookware that is dishwasher safe should be safe to use in Aga ovens (not including hotplates). 

They provided more detail, telling users that food containers of all materials can safely be placed into the simmering and warming ovens (eliminating the need for a microwave!), and that food cartons such as custard cartons and microwavable rice are also safe to place in the ovens but should be opened first. Likewise, plain and foil-lined paper bags are also safe to use. 

Essential Aga Pans to Add to Your Collection

Just like you don’t need to replace all your pots and pans with specific Aga pans that are made from particular materials, you also don’t need to purchase all of the available cookware made specifically for Aga ovens.

That being said, there are a few that we recommend for making your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable:

  1. Tins and trays that fit the oven runners - designed to sit on the oven runners, rather than on an oven rack, these tins and trays are super convenient and also a pretty decent size! They’re also available in a range of different materials to suit your preferences, depending on where you purchase them from!
  2. Cast-iron casserole dish - cast-iron cookware retains heat which radiates onto your food, sealing in the flavours and moisture. There’s a wide range of great cast-iron cookware brands on the market that are just as good as each other - take your pick!
  3. Bake-o-Glide - replace the need to use oil, foil, or regular baking paper with reusable baking liners like those from Bake-o-Glide. They can be used on baking trays, roasting tins, or even on the simmering plate and can be purchased pre-cut to size, or on a roll. 
  4. Aga Toaster - the one specialist product that Aga owners couldn’t live without. Perfect for “making toast as it should be, crisp on the outside, soft in the centre.”
  5. The perfect frying pan - if you’re like us, your frying pan has probably seen better days. Now’s the perfect time to upgrade to something with increased functionality like Aga’s own Cast-Aluminium range. Lightweight, non-stick and removable handles make cooking a breeze.

Recommended Aga Cookware Brands

Now you know what you’re looking for, here’s a few brands that we recommend for Aga cookware:

Aga Cookshop

Realistically, you can’t expect to do much better than Aga’s own cookshop for Aga pans, tins, trays and more. It’s truly a one-stop-shop for all things Aga! What’s more, you know that everything on their site is suitable for use in an Aga cooker (or they’ll at least highlight any limitations).

Le Creuset 

The classic French brand is also a pretty great option for Aga cookware, particularly its cast-iron range. From classic casserole dishes to frying pans, skillets, saucepans, roasters and even bread ovens, Le Creuset really has everything you need to add a stylish flair to your new Aga cooker in a colour to match your kitchen.


We all have at least one or two pieces of Pyrex cookware somewhere in our cupboards and Aga themselves have said that it’s perfectly safe to use Pyrex dishes, jugs and more in Aga cookers. Why waste what you already have?! 

Reconditioned Aga Cookers at Range Exchange

Range Exchange is the home of reconditioned Aga cookers that are brought back to showroom quality. We offer a wide range of Aga models that are suitable for all requirements, whether you’re looking for a traditional oil or gas Aga, or a New Gen model like eControl and Total Control models. We also offer Module Aga Cookers that offer more space and more cooking options.

If you’re currently on the hunt for your perfect Aga cooker, take a look at our range online today, or get in touch with us for more information.