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SAVE £2,000 on a Reconditioned ElectricKit Aga Cooker + FREE Induction Hob Upgrade from Range Exchange

Sale on 2 Oven Reconditioned ElectricKit Aga Cookers from Range Exchange, Save £2,000


SAVE £2,000 on all 2 oven reconditioned ElectricKit cookers + a FREE 1.6kw induction hob upgrade while stocks last. *Subject to availability. Delivery must be taken before the end of March 2024.

The ElectricKit is an Aga cooker conversion kit that offers flexible and economical functionality. This kit has been developed to help improve the efficiency of Aga cookers.

The ElectricKit cooks in pretty much the same way as a traditional Aga cooker, with a few exceptions. The biggest difference in cooking between it and a traditional Aga cooker, is that the electric element is installed between the top and bottom ovens to provide heat only where it is needed.

The hotplates have new electric elements installed underneath them. These are fully controllable, they can be set to any temperature you like with the dial.

If you want two gently simmering plates, you can have them, or two fiercely hot boiling plates, no problem, just turn the dial.

The ElectricKit brings a host of innovative features, including an optional state-of-the-art induction hob under the left-hand hotplate which is extremely useful for the summer months.

The system is designed to be entirely flexible according to the users’ needs. For most efficient use the Aga cooker should be turned off or down between uses. However many of our customers use their Electrickit Aga cookers more traditionally, leaving the ovens on continually to provide a level of ambient heat and the benefits of traditional Aga cookers.

The ElectricKit conversion doesn’t compromise on heat, you have the option of giving as much heat, or as little, as you'd like into your kitchen.

The ElectricKit cooker also comes with the added benefit of keeping your cooker on in the summer months.

ElectricKit Classic is the latest system.

From cold the hotplates take 19 minutes to maximum temperature, the ovens take 60 minutes. Both are usable long before this, the hotplates are useful after as little as 10 minutes. The induction hob is available as a free of charge option.

Key Features:

Offers more controllability than other traditional models

Reduced running costs

More economical than traditional models

Optional induction hob

Keep your Aga cooker on 24/7, even in Summer

No servicing costs

No flue required

No reduced oven temperatures when using the hotplates

The ElectricKit is available in a 2 oven, 3 oven and 4 oven.

Take advantage of a huge saving of £2,000 off the price of a 2 oven ElectricKit cooker. Priced at just £3,995 including Nationwide delivery by our own friendly team. We also offer a 12-month Guarantee on all our reconditioned cookers. Delivery must be taken before the end of March 2024. This offer is available while stocks last.

As always, we maintain our promise to deliver the highest quality product and offer great value for money. If you are not completely satisfied upon delivery, you are under no obligation to purchase the cooker. Deposits are not required and payment is made upon delivery.

Call our friendly team today to enquire while stocks last 01625 569 445 or SHOP NOW.